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IQTargeting SM

Dynamic targeting of content to online users is essential to improving response rates and managing ROI. IQTargeting immediately enables you to realize the benefits of personalized content to improve your online marketing efforts. From the simplest understanding of users' needs to a complex set of rules, our targeting engine makes personalization a reality on a totally outsourced basis.

Flexible and Fast Implementation.

As part of the IQ Advantage suite of integrated online direct marketing solutions, IQTargeting can be deployed across any medium - on the web, via email, and across multiple properties simultaneously. The building block makes it easy to apply explicit business rules from user self-declared responses in IQSurvey to attributes in your own legacy database.

This powerful capability typically is deployed with such efforts as couponing, sampling and other lead efforts in order to build responder profiles and serve variable offers to support ROI objectives. Alternately, IQTargeting is used to enforce business rules to evaluate the impact of variable incentives employing multiple test cells, or to target dynamic offers to known customers versus prospects.

Employ your legacy data.

The capability to use your legacy data can be implemented in real time via batch mode for email campaigns or through DDA (Dynamic Data Acquisition) for web campaigns. Please see Customer Solutions for more information about how the IQMarketing Platform plug-in applications deliver the flexibility needed to turn strategy into action.


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