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OptimumIQ SM — Keyword

Our award-winning optimization solution works with Search Engine Keyword buys to optimize traffic coming from Search Engines in the same manner as banner ad placements. It decides which page a user sees when clicking on a search engine keyword, as well as rank the value of keywords, and search engines, in achieving specific campaign objectives.

Unlike traditional keyword tracking methodologies that provide a monadic ranking of outcomes, OptimumIQ measures bottom-line results such as sign-ups or resulting sales rather than just click-throughs, and determines which landing page is effective, as well as what keywords and search engines generate the highest ROI. In so doing, the solution reveals the best combination of variables to acquire and retain users.

Swift results.

  OptimumIQ solves complex
marketing problems.
Keyword Optimization

By lifting performance from 10 to 200 percent along specific marketing metrics, OptimumIQ helps drive big efficiencies in marketing budgets. And the value is generated swiftly - marketers see performance boosts within two weeks in typical deployments. With an array of standard web-based reports, OptimumIQ offers invaluable insights into the characteristics that makes interactivity so powerful.

Continuous learning and optimization.

Whether your focus is on keywords, ad campaigns, email efforts or the synergy of these multi-touchpoints, discover how OptimumIQ allows you to execute interactive campaigns with continuous learning and optimization that translate to a demonstrable improvement in ROI.


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