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IQSegmentation SM

The segmentation of users into groups is not a new concept, however, computing segments of users and targeting variable messages and offers while interacting with them is pretty much the province of pricey enterprise solutions. If you're at the point of stepping up your online marketing programs to this level of sophistication, IQSegmentation offers a highly cost-effective approach. It automates the scoring and delivery of tailored messages, offers and products to users.

Make online marketing efforts work harder.

Today, marketing is about managing the value of your customer base upward. IQSegmentation increases the power to personalize value propositions that drive success at the point of contact. The approach can generate from three to five times improvement in conversion versus traditional click-based targeting.

Precise tailoring of a message, offer and
product to different customer segments.

IQSegmentation integrates high-resolution segmentation structures that support tailored product messages and offers across campaigns such as customer acquisition and retention and cross-selling efforts. These segmentation structures are actionable across all subsequent marketing initiatives, e.g., media optimization, CRM approaches, concept testing, etc.

Powerful 'typing' tool.

If you're looking to accomplish marketing segmentation, the IQMarketing Platform provides a powerful 'typing' tool to establish rule sets that define how to target and speak to user segments. Or you can outsource this powerful application to evaluate the ROI of a segment-based marketing approach before making a significant investment in an enterprise solution.


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