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IQInsights SM

Getting a high response rate from online marketing efforts might be enough to make most marketers jump for joy. Still, the IQMarketing Platform's fully integrated database captures the data you need to track and evaluate the effectiveness of your programs. With virtually instantaneous results, your secure data is available through a web-browser interface, data transfer or integration with industry-leading data warehouses and touchpoint fulfillment tools.

Built on Oracle® Database, you can leverage the closed-loop reporting and analytics of the IQMarketing Platform on demand to uncover insights contained in your user data and ensure campaigns are effective and focused. This closed-loop system helps you to continually understand campaign responses, adjust future campaigns and improve targeting.

Multiple performance measures.

Point & click reports supply
insights into every campaign.
Data Management
Our campaign intelligence dashboards available via secure extranet are an integral part of the IQMarketing Platform. They include multiple performance measures and support for snapshots of data from specified time periods and media source with as much granularity as you require. Plus, you can view cross-campaign reports of your programs for comparison and benchmarking and set auto-alerts for attainment of milestones.

Custom reports and data transfer.

What's more, if you need a custom report or a format that conforms to your company's business intelligence, our professional services team will work with you to supply your requirements. And if you want to integrate the transfer of data to your enterprise application or third-party vendor, our technical services group will support your needs.

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