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OptimumIQ SM — Campaign

Our award-winning optimization solution quickly, accurately and measurably improves online customer acquisition and retention marketing by optimizing interactions. OptimumIQ's Evolutionary Targeting combines a decisioning engine with a statistical optimization engine to boost the outcome of a marketing campaign. OptimumIQ is the only solution that automatically updates the decisioning rules based on new information from the optimization engine.

Interactive Learning and Optimization Technology.

As part of the IQ Advantage suite of integrated online direct marketing solutions, OptimumIQ creates and updates rules based on actual performance data, rather than historical statistical models, "best guesses" or previous, and potentially outdated, campaign information. OptimumIQ provides a minimum of 5 percent to 20 percent improvement over existing online marketing techniques with typical success ranging from 10 percent to 200 percent.

  Combines real-time decisioning
with statistical optimization.
Campaign Optimization

Ad and email applications.

Maximizing the results of a marketing campaign means getting more for each dollar spent. OptimumIQ boosts results of banner ad campaigns and both HTML-based and text-based email campaigns. The system quickly learns which ad or email elements outperforms others and narrows the campaign sets to a few “Champions.”

Robust reporting.

Working in concert with your ad or email server of choice, OptimumIQ also tracks specific user actions, linking those desired actions to specific messages and media mix. An array of standard web-based reports provides campaign-level metrics, including high-level summary analytics, plus in-depth statistics and results analysis.


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