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Manage your business - not the system.

In 1996, as Internet traffic became a commercial proposition carried on independent ISPs, the founder of IQ Advantage began thinking about how he could get incentives like coupons that were distributed in newspapers. Being a thrifty person, the idea was so attractive that he began building the IQMarketing Platform.

The service was launched in 1997. The underlying architecture and the deployment of the highly automated service over the net turned out to be a prescient undertaking.

The combination of proven techniques such as coupons, sweepstakes, polls, surveys and special offers with the interactivity of the Internet had powerful appeal. And the inclusion of dynamic targeting and "click & stay" functionality further helped to quickly attract customers.

The IQMarketing Platform continues to mirror the e-marketing maturity curve, powering an ever-growing list of capabilities such as instant win and games modules, enhanced targeting and segmentation functionality, and multiple languages.

As online direct marketing matured, IQ Advantage also addressed the need to automate the campaign optimization process. Our OptimumIQ product helps media buyers, planners, and trackers to spend their valuable time on media strategy and creative design, while the day-to-day mechanics of campaign optimization and analysis are all automated.

Developed by a team of quantitative scientists, OptimumIQ adds a blend of statistical models and optimization algorithms to implement the only parallel learning and optimization in the industry.


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