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IQSurvey SM

IQSurvey provides exceptional functionality for executing surveys of any scope. It includes everything from multiple question formats and response fields to a choice of multiple languages and web-based tools to view results. Importantly, it provides total creative freedom for a custom look and feel, plus smart fields and 24/7 monitoring and reporting.

As part of the IQ Advantage suite of integrated online direct marketing solutions, IQSurvey can be deployed across any medium - on the web, via email, wireless devices (which may have their own display restrictions), and across multiple properties simultaneously. All data collection and reporting of results are centralized into a reporting data warehouse, allowing for ongoing program targeting, data transfer and analysis to occur quickly and without technology integration.

Multiple applications

IQSurvey is the campaign building block of choice when dynamic user targeting is desired such as couponing, sampling, variable offers, and in creating any number of test cells. An array of features supports virtually any data capture requirement, including radio and drop down answers, open-ended text responses, multiple choice, customizable scales, question branching and much more.

Easy data transfer.

Results can be viewed in real time over a secure extranet and transfers can be executed as raw downloads such as EXCEL and SPSS, HTML/EXCEL/XML reports, and SPSS Command File format.


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