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IQFriends SM

IQFriends provides seamless functionality for viral marketing efforts on an entirely outsourced basis. It includes rich features such as the invitation to refer friends, personal message interface and robust reporting to track results. Importantly, it provides total creative freedom for a custom look and feel, plus smart fields and 24/7 monitoring and reporting.

As part of the IQ Advantage suite of integrated online direct marketing solutions, IQFriends can be deployed across any medium - on the web, via email, and across multiple properties simultaneously. The refer-a-friend feature can be linked to any offer in the IQPromotions suite or separate email, allowing users to pass on their personalized message with ease. The application is capable of working multiple levels deep.

Track user actions.

This building block application provides for tracking users' behavior with reporting that includes a variety of usage statistics, including invitations sent and opened, and number of invitations clicked through. Plus, you can view and analyze verbatim messages for a qualitative grasp of traffic.

Unique applications.

IQFriends also can be deployed as a unique device for executing a contest, including a user-friendly interface to track progress in a program and to provide alternative links to other messages and offers. Please see Customer Solutions for more information about how the IQMarketing Platform plug-in applications deliver the flexibility needed to turn strategy into action.


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