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IQSampling SM

IQSampling provides all the functionality to conduct a sampling or premium program on an entirely outsourced basis. It includes everything from the offer presentation, contact form, and address verification to fulfillment house data management. Importantly, it provides total creative freedom for a custom look and feel, plus smart fields and 24/7 monitoring and reporting.

As part of the IQ Advantage suite of integrated online direct marketing solutions, IQSampling can be deployed across any medium - on the web, via email, wireless devices (which may have their own display restrictions), and across multiple properties simultaneously. Presentation formats provide for use with HTML, animated GIF and FLASH, or to easily execute a contextual offer.

Essential features.

IQSampling also provides for real-time inventory control across all online media, including pre-set depletion notification, automatic offer "swap-out" or discontinuance when inventory reaches zero. Other features include USPS CASS-coded deliverable address verification and the addition of zip+4 on the fly that reduce the wasted costs of undeliverables. IQSampling alternately can be used to execute premium and gift with purchase programs.

Increase learning and ROI.

Advertising, Awareness & Usage (AA&U) surveys can be united with sampling distributions for data capture. Using IQSurvey, advertisers can capture user information for profile building, marketing segmentation, trial to conversion studies or for targeting variable offers on the fly - such as a coupon to regular brand users instead of a sample - based on user responses to achieve incremental ROI.


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