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IQCoupons SM

IQCoupons provides for the publishing, management and administration needed to run a coupon or rebate promotion on an entirely outsourced basis. It includes everything from universally accepted formats to user-friendly and secure printing. Importantly, it provides creative freedom for a custom look and feel, plus smart fields and 24/7 monitoring and reporting.

As part of the IQ Advantage suite of integrated online direct marketing solutions, IQCoupons can be deployed across any medium - on the web, via email or across multiple properties simultaneously.

The application includes significant offer controls to prevent abuse, fraud and multiple printings. Other controls include start and end dates, rolling dating and automatic offer "swap out" or discontinuance at pre-set limits, plus prevention of offer pass-along and hijacking.

Click here to enlarge. VIP Coupon

Closed-loop reporting.

Customers additionally benefit from the instant availability of reports such as the number of times the offer has been viewed, the number of user actions and media source. Redemption data by user can be appended to the coupon database to achieve CRM objectives. Redemption data is available for virtually all coupons redeemed in the U.S. and Canada via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) with a customer's own coupon-clearing vendor.

Dynamic Targeting.

Linking coupon distributions with IQSurvey enables capture of user information for profile building, marketing segmentation or for targeting different coupon values on the fly based on user responses to achieve ROI objectives. Please see Customer Solutions for more information about how the IQMarketing Platform plug-in applications deliver the flexibility needed to turn strategy into action.


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